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May 30, 2006

What Do the Neighbors Think?

My new neighbors must think I'm crazy. Every other morning they see me tiptoe barefoot out on to the deck holding socks or yarn or something then arranging it on the only sunny patch and snapping many pictures.

Here are my Dulaan socks made from my Cascade 220 leftovers from the Denmark socks.

Pattern: I made it up but I think I'll post it later in case anyone is interested.
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash (60 grams total)
Needle: US3 Addis

I realized yesterday that I needed to finish spinning the merino I started over the weekend. I'm heading to the Northwest Regional Spinners Association conference on Thursday and I need to free up my bobbins.

Here is one bobbin. I have two and three-quarters done. I just need a 30 minutes to spin up the rest and then ply it. I hope it ends up being enough for a pair of socks. The bobbins look awfully small.

I also finished sewing two strips of blocks for the afghan. Two more strips to go.