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June 27, 2006

Little Bits

I just realized that June is nearly over and all my Dulaan stuff needs to get in the mail ASAP. I spent the morning at the pediatrician's office weaving in the ends on all the Lamb's Pride Bulky hats I've knit. The boys then fought over the little yarn pieces and played with them by twisting them together. I got all excited and tried to show them that that's how yarn is made but they couldn't have cared less. I cast on for a second sock to go with one I knit last week. Hopefully I'll finish it in a day or two and get everything shipped off.

This afternoon I plied everything I spun at BSG that still needed plying. I made one more skein of the blue-green stuff. I was pretty proud of myself to end up with just this much left on my bobbin. I wound it on to one of my cute new tiny bobbins.

I finished my second skein of three ply merino sock yarn which turned out slightly thicker than the first. But look how much yarn I had left on my bobbins when I was done plying!

No waste. I love that.