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June 4, 2006

More NWRSA Conference Photos

Brown Sheep "Potluck" Roving, approximately. 8 oz., 150 yds. I bought this on Friday, spun it up on Saturday night and Sunday morning then plied it the moment I got home (I was using borrowed bobbins). I spun this very quick and dirty going for a worsted to bulky weight yarn. I think it plied up really nicely. The fiber is fairly soft but it was the color that kept speaking to me until I had to go buy it.

This is Ashland Bay merino I spun up before the conference. I plied it before I left in an effort to free up bobbins. Unfortunately I have a lot left on two of the bobbins and only 200 yds plied. Not enough for socks! I ran to Weaving Works to get more fiber but they're out of the color. Several vendors at the conference carried Ashland Bay but no one had this colorway. I think the three ply came out really well and the yarn appears very even (because of the three ply).

I bought a big ball of this pretty roving from The Artful Ewe at the spin-in I attended in April on Whidbey Island. I worked on it on Friday night and Saturday. It went really quickly. It was very easy and fun to spin. I was aiming for a DK weight two ply yarn. I'm dying to ply it see how much yardage I ended up with and the final thickness of the yarn. (I had to stop myself from sitting down to ply to take time to edit photos to post for all of you.)

I got this Chasing Rainbows merino/tencel roving from Teyani and Klaus at Crown Mountain Farms at the Madrona retreat. I worked on it on Thursday when I first arrived and had some time to work by myself. It is so easy to spin finely and evenly. I'm going pretty fine with it since I only have 2 oz. This is 1 ounce on the bobbin and the second ounce waiting to be spun. Click for a close up of the bobbin.

So that covers what I spun. Next up what I bought!