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June 17, 2006

Seven Hours of Spinning

Alpaca on the bobbin, Chasing Rainbows Merino/Tencel sample skein

Last night was drop in spinning at Weaving Works. I thought I'd finish up the alpaca I've been playing with before I went. I had a little free time in the afternoon and got to spin for about an hour. Then my son had a friend over for a playdate--bonus! The kids were off playing and out of my hair. Ring up another two hours at the wheel. I was still nowhere near finished with the alpaca but left it at home. At WW I worked on the second half of the merino/tencel I started at the NWRSA conference. I just finished spinning it when it was time to pack up and go home (Total spinning time: 5.5 hours). I got home and left everything in a pile by my office door. I went upstairs and watched a little bit of Patsy Zawistoski's Spinning Cotton, Silk and Flax video (I was in the zone, baby). Suddenly I jumped up, ran downstairs and started plying the merino/tencel. After all the spinning I wanted to see the finished project. You can see a 50 yd sample skein in the photo.

At last fatigue set in and I went to bed. There's still a bit of plying to be done but I figured seven hours of spinning is a pretty good days work.

As I was writing this I noticed some unfamiliar knitting on top of a pile on the far side of the office. It was black and very lustrous.

Zasu, after I woke her up, in my Dulaan donation box

Hope those Mongolian orphans aren't allergic to cats!

Afghan Watch: For those keeping track at home, the afghan has one long side border done and 3/4 of the second long side done.