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June 12, 2006

Sunday Evening News

I finished the sock last night. The proportions are funny. It's a bit too short to be so large around. That's what I get for knitting in the dark.

When I finished the sock I started working on the first long seam on my afghan. I sewed through Suspicion and still did not get the first seam entirely done. Two more long seams to go. I'm bringing it to Purlygirls with me tonight. It's pretty tedious so having some company will help.

Yesterday I spent a few minutes trying out a little experiment spinning alpaca. Purlygirl Trish lives near an alpaca farm. A long time ago she gave me a little bag of some cinnamon colored fleece she got when the farm did their first shearing. I decided to try a technique that Judith Mackenzie demonstrates in her Spinning Exotic Fibers video of spinning directly off your carder.

It minimizes preparation, keeps the fibers somewhat aligned and helps prevent holding your fiber in a death grip. I've conquered the death grip in my spinning and thought I might be coordinated enough to try this now. I only got to spin for a few minutes. It's a little awkward. It almost feels like spinning with one arm tied behind your back. The tiny bit of singles I produced feel very soft and look nice. I'll spin up the rest of this soon and see what I get.