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June 9, 2006

That Figures

It has been sunny and beautiful here today. Not too warm, slight breeze. Just right. And now that I want to snap some photos and am getting ready to go to the year-end barbecue at my son's school the sky has turned dark and cloudy.

I wanted to take a photo because the fabulous Jeanne sent me my Dye-o-Rama yarn. She was a top-notch swap pal--great communication, beautiful colors and loads of little goodies. In addition to, not one, but two skeins of yarn, I got a kitty tape measure, Minnesota Moose Mints (for breath that will stop you in your tracks) and a cute notepad. Thank you so much, Jeanne.

I've finished two more Dulaan hats. The one I was knitting today seemed to cause quite a stir at the zoo*. People kept walking by me and saying, "Oh look at that. She's knitting!" Or, "Oh look at you. You're knitting." No shit.

Remember tomorrow is World Wide Knit in Public Day!

*I am so lucky to live so close to a great zoo. My kids think every child can go to the zoo in 5 minutes whenever the whim strikes. I also love that Seattle is so wired that the zoo website domain is www.zoo.org.