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June 14, 2006

Who Ya Gonna Call?

A while back I posted photos of how messy my office is. I was hailed by some a brave woman to show the world my disgrace. The office is nothing. You haven't seen my yard. I'm far too ashamed to show you any photos but lets just say it this way: 5 years of unchallenged blackberry growth. It's a nightmare back there people. The canes reach up maybe 15 feet and spread across the entire yard and side yard. It's scary. And painful. And we can't use our yard. Two years ago King County announced a pilot program to use goats in residential areas for weed management. I tried to sign up but the county never got back to me. I've also looked at some semi-local companies that rent out goats for vegetation management--Healing Hooves and Goat Busters--but they handle big areas like golf courses, city parks and ski slopes, not pathetic yards like mine.

So this all leads to my question: Do you, or someone you know, own goats near Seattle and can I borrow them for a while?