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July 23, 2006

Call Me Pinky

This is my Sitcom Chic, light pink sitting on the left, and a Faux Ruffle Tank blocking on the right. The tank is a shop project. It's from Alterknits and is very cute and a super simple knit which I really needed. It's hard to see in the photo but there is a beaded rib pattern in a panel up the front. A novelty yarn gets backstitched into the rib troughs to create a faux, tux-style front. I thought it would be fun and funky in screaming hot pink Cotton Fleece. It's so hot here right now that the pieces were nearly too dry by the time I finished pinning them down.

It has been damned hot here the last few days. I know that most of you are in parts of the country that have been suffering from extremely high heat for weeks now and you think I'm a little whiner. Well, I am. I am one of the least heat-tolerant people I know. Why do you think I left Chicago to live in Seattle? Cool, dry summers. The main problem here when it gets hot is that we're not equipped for it. There is very little central AC in Seattle. We have a window unit for our bedroom and got one for the boys' room this year too. But the shop where I work, the one filled with wool? No AC. Yesterday, after a day of working in the heat I collapsed when I got home in my bedroom. My head ached, I was dizzy and nauseated. I slept from 8 until midnight then was up from midnight until four. I took the boys to the mall today because at least it's air conditioned there. I'm still feeling really woozy and ill. It's supposed to cool down tonight though.