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July 14, 2006

Classic Mistake

I brought everything outside to take photos in the dappled sunlight. Then I realized my camera battery was dead. Boring, I know.

I finished my Faroese shawl on Tuesday night. I'm waiting for my dressing wires to arrive to block it out. It will be *cough* petite. But thanks to the miracle of shoulder shaping it will stay put when I wear it.

With Faroese out of the way I brought my Diamond Fantasy Shawl back into the rotation. After working a full repeat on Wednesday night I stretched it out a bit to admire it. Then I burst out laughing. It's the same lace pattern as the Faroese shawl! How did I not notice this?

At work yesterday we got in three new variegated colors of Manos del Uruguay. They are so gorgeous. I started thinking about making a fast and simple Manos cardigan. Then I shook it off with the realization that I have 15 sweaters worth of yarn still waiting to be knit. No new Manos for me. Yet.