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July 21, 2006

I Keep Losing My Shit

Literally. A few weeks ago I left my Estonian sock along with my autographed copy of Folk Socks at a restaurant. Today I left my Sitcom Chic somewhere in Ikea. Fortunately the restaurant folks and the Ikea folks just set it aside until a frantic knitter (me) came looking for it. Unlike some people.

Sitcom Chic's body is now about 9 inches long. I finished spinning the cormo/silk and now just need to ply it. I went to drop-in spinning at Weaving Works and started spinning 100% bombyx silk from Chasing Rainbows. That stuff is a bitch to draft. I pre-drafted a lot but it still locks up as your spinning along. And it gets everywhere! My pants, shirt and face are all covered in hot pink spidery webs. Blech!