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July 5, 2006

My 4th

Yesterday there was a bit of a break from the heat. It was slightly overcast and cool in the morning as Wes, the boys and I got on a bus and headed down to the Center for Wooden Boats for the Wooden Boat Festival. You can walk the docks and board all types of wooden boats. There were tugs, sailboats, race boats, steamboats. The clouds burned off and it ended up being fairly hot and very sunny. I found when I got home that I didn't put on enough sunscreen. I'm not burnt but I'm a little red and very itchy.

I worked on my Estonian sock while we traveled. I finished the color portion and am knitting the leg with traveling stitches running down the sides or "clocks." It's going much faster now that the colorwork is over but I've never done traveling stitches before and have a nagging sense of doubt hanging about me while I knit.

We live up the hill from a prime fireworks viewing spot. Our one rule on the 4th of July is always don't move the car. Fireworks don't start until it's dark which is 10 pm here. We haven't seen them since my first son was born. Staying up late + loud noises + crowds does not equal happy kids. At least for my kids. So we had a fairly normal night as we watched people streaming down or street on foot or trolling for parking spaces.

I spent the night spinning. I have four full bobbins of the cormo/silk spun and another started on my wheel. The second bump is not as well prepared as the first I spun. It has loads of lumps and clumps in it. It's not spinning very nicely. It's making me a little angry. I'm not going to ply anything until I've filled up all six bobbins then try to mix things up when I'm plying. I hope it looks all right when it's done. And I really hope the third bump is more like the first.