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July 26, 2006

Stitch 'N Pitch

I went last night. It was the second baseball game I've been to since the mid-80s. It was my first time at Safeco field. Boy, times have changed.

Either there weren't as many knitters as I was expected or we were really spread out. There were lots of empty seats too. The vendors all had their tables set up. I spotted the president of the Knitters Guild being interviewed by Fox Sport Network.

I also spotted some Mariners-themed free-form crochet.

Hmmm. "Awesome" indeed.

There were dancing sweeper guys.

Apparently watching overweight, middle-aged men boogie with brooms is very popular.

And if you want to get your picture taken, you and your friends should all wear sparkly hats with matching feather boas.

Me? I was just in it for the kettle corn. The Mariners lost. No, they didn't just lose. They were trounced. They were crushed. They were trounced, crushed and then got their asses handed to them. I knit a sleeve.