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August 3, 2006

Blanks on a Blank

You've all heard about Snakes on a Plane right? An Austin film group has sponsored the Blanks on a Blank filmmaking challenge. Each filmmaker gets a randomly assigned animal on a randomly assigned vehicle to make a 2-5 minute film about. The only requirement is each film must contain the line "(your randomly chosen animal) on a mother f***ing (your randomly chosen vehicle)."

Wes got Aardvarks on a Tank. There are no judges for the contest. It's based on popular vote. I'm worried that he'll get beaten by a terrible film made by someone who has 2,000 friends on Myspace. So I'm making a small plea to go and watch his film, register, and vote on it. And, if I may be so bold, if you really like it and want to post it on your blog or let your friends know that would also be fabulous. It would mean a lot. Thanks.

Oh yeah, and his film totally kicks ass!