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August 22, 2006

Moving On

Last night at Purlygirls I finished the second front for my Knot Cable Jacket. I celebrated by ripping out the top third of the back.

Now that I understand the cables (and have corrected all the errors in the pattern) it's a lot easier and faster to knit than the first time. I did, however, find another section further down where I left out a cable row. I'm not going back. It will be on my back so I won't have to look at it.

I just finished watching season two of Carnivale. It definitely wasn't as strong as the first season. And nothing gets resolved because the show was cancelled after they shot it. Oh well. Now on to season two of Veronica Mars.

I'm inexplicably exhausted today. I did next to nothing all day long and yet I've wanted to curl up and go to sleep all day. I almost left the photo out of this post because I had to stand up and get my camera.

And thanks to everyone for all the nice anniversary wishes!