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August 6, 2006

This Is How It Happens

I had a marathon knitting session with the Lupine Lace socks. I knit on them from 6-10 at a local coffee shop with Molly. I'm only 13 rounds from the heel flap. At one point as I was buzzing along I thought, "I really have this pattern down. The second sock will go really fast." Then I burst into a fit of giggles because I'm knitting both socks at the same time. When the first one's done, the second one's done. I have to keep reminding myself of that. Anyway, after four hours I was getting sore in my elbows. Odd, I know. But it was getting uncomfortable. So I went home.

I was planning on watching The Big Heat. I needed something to knit on larger needles while I watched. My Diamond Fantasy didn't seem like the right project for movie knitting. I pulled out the pattern for the Ribby Cardi. I pulled out my Peruvian Highland Wool. I saw the Hauk in the stash. I pulled out the pattern for Retro Prep. I spent a few minutes going back and forth trying to decide between the two sweaters. I finally decided on Ribby. I got out my needles. I couldn't find any US6s. I must own at least three 24" US6 needles but they're always stuck in a project in a bag somewhere. So I started rummaging around in my office. I found the bag with my Knot & Cable Jacket in it. There was a US6 in it. With knitting on it. It was the almost finished welt to the right front of the jacket. I thought, "I can knit the few rows to finish the welt, then switch to 8s and take this 6 for my Ribby." I had to search for the pattern and the chart I made. Miraculously, I found it all. I started knitting but something wasn't right. I had already made a mistake on welt which I guess is why it's sitting in a bag. I ripped back about 8 rows and took it upstairs with me. I finished the welt and kept going. I think I have enough enthusiasm to finish the front. But I don't know what's going to help power me when I have to rip out a third of the back and reknit it.