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August 10, 2006

Thursdays are for What the Hell is This?

Several months ago a reader sent me links to a Russian knit and crochet magazine site. (I'm very sorry. I've lost the email and don't remember who sent them.) The photos have been sitting in my WTHIS file for a very long time. Each week I contemplate them and then each week I'm at a loss for commentary. They are so wholly bad. The colors, the lines, the photostyling--all completely wretched. But I can't let my inability to articulate the awfulness get in the way of a good fug. So here are a few choice bits.

I went to Babelfish to translate "What the hell is this?" into Russian and got "ад это?" Knowing how accurate and reliable Babelfish is this probably says, "This is mattress pad in hell, no?"

I was also alerted to a photo here (NOT WORK SAFE). It is definitely worth taking a peek at and if anyone can translate what is being said for me I would be thrilled.