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September 27, 2006

Captain Kangaroo

Sorry for the photo quality. Screaming red is difficult to capture at night.

So here is my son's sweater knit to the shoulders with a kangaroo pouch* at the armhole. One of the shoulders has been bound off. Normally the "pouch" would be a bit bigger but this is bulky yarn and a small sweater.

I did a line of basting in cotton so I could see where to machine stitch.

After machine stitching up both sides of the basting I am ready to cut.


The stitches around the armhole have been picked up and I am knitting my sleeve down.

When I finish my sleeve I will steek the second armhole and repeat. Then I get to cut open the front of the sweater! Steeking is fun.

*A few stitches but on a holder with steek stitches cast on over them. The sweater continues in the round and the armhole is steeked.