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September 29, 2006

Classic Blunders

At OFFF I picked up some commercial yarn that a woman was selling on behalf of a friend who could no longer knit due to Alzheimer's. All the yarn was $2. I bought a full bag of DK superwash wool in white and these two skeins of sock yarn.

I thought both yarns would be great for dyeing. The white because it's, you know, white. And the sock yarn because of its subtle shades of gray. I thought if I lightly overdyed it in, say, blue I would get a lightly variegated blue. But I'll never know because I committed two classic dyeing blunders.

The first is my biggest dyeing problem--too much acid, too soon. I thought I had only put a little bit of vinegar in my crockpot with the wool but the dye told a different story. I poured it into the water and it struck immediately. Immediately. So much for lightly overdyed with subtle variation.

My next blunder was an attempt to counteract my usual blunder. Typically I look at the wool in the pot and think, "Geez, it's so dark. That's enough dye." And then when it's dry I end up with watery, dull color. So this time I went too far in the other direction.

It's not terrible but, as is always the case with my adventures in dyeing, it isn't what I wanted.

I've got my merino superwash roving soaking right now for the Twisted Knitters dye-spin-knitalong. Hope I don't screw it up too much.