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September 3, 2006

Lace All Over the Place

The Diamond Fantasy Scarf/Shawl is all pinned out and drying. I also finished the Cocoon Lace Scarf that I have been knitting for the shop. I started it well over a year ago. It is next up to be blocked. I enjoyed the pattern. It creates little puffy diamonds on one side and a waving rib on the reverse. It's a simple pattern but any lace is difficult to knit with lots of interruptions. And at work I can't put someone on finger hold* until I "just finish this row." So it's taken a long time.

I started my Trellis Scarf last night. It's the new project for the Evelyn Clark Knitalong. I planned on knitting it using the Liqueur Kidsilk Haze I got to make River. But while digging through my lace yarn I found a skein of cochineal-dyed 20/80 alpaca/wool that I bought at the Seattle Knitting Expo (it's the one on the right). I knit the border then had to put it aside to watch Infernal Affairs. I can't read a chart and subtitles at the same time. The movie is a slick twist on the usual cops and robbers--an undercover cop and a crooked cop are both ordered to find the mole in their organizations. It's been remade by Martin Scorsese and will be released October 6th.

I tried to cast on for my Ribby Cardi while I watched the movie. The yarn was untwisting a lot doing my usual long-tail cast on so I switched to a double start cast on. It creates little pairs of stitches. As I glanced down at my work I would notice the occasional orphan stitch, rip put and continue casting on. A few minutes later I'd find another orphan. Rip, cast on, etc. Eventually I put it aside and just watched the movie.

*You know, when you your finger in the air and tell them to hold on?