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September 25, 2006

OFFF 2006, the Haul

I had a shopping list for OFFF this year and I pretty much stuck to it. I wanted an unusual alpaca/wool blend, an unusual angora/wool blend and a fleece.

This was the first thing I got. It's 8 oz of Blue Faced Leicester and alpaca.

This fiber came from What a Zoo (no website). They just had a little table set up but the blends were really not commonplace. This is 20 oz. of Romney/Coopworth/Angora. It feels very nice. Not superfine and squooshy but soft and stout. I started spinning this already last night. It's a very nicely prepared combed top. It flows right out of my hands as I spin it.

This one was not on the shopping list. But I'm such a sucker for alpaca. I couldn't resist it. It's only 8 oz.

Here's Amy. She is a Targhee and she weighs 6 lbs. She's not a perfect fleece. She's a little tippy. She's a bit dirty but has very little VM so she should wash up nicely. Now I need to get some combs...