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September 14, 2006

Thursdays are for What the Hell is This?

The editors of Knit 1 must really love me. They put this right on the front.

I don't even have to pick the thing up. No tedious turning pages or looking. Just blam! Giant ass cable. Right on the cover. Thanks guys.

But since I'm of a curious nature, I ventured further.

And I found this dress, which they say is inspired by Carrie Bradshaw.

First off, Ms. Bradshaw wouldn't be caught dead in this dress with those boots. Honestly. I'm digging the bodice but something just goes all wrong around the middle.

What the hell happened here? It's like some aran train wreck.

Horrible, ruffly dress aside, I can't get over the black to the rib cage pantyhose that the model is wearing that show right through on this sucker. One word, slip. If you're going to wear a knit dress (and I really hope you're not) at least get yourself a decent foundation garment.

And then at the very end, my reward for actually opening the magazine and flipping through all those pages.

That's supposed to be "feather and fan," sweetie. Not "feather and fur." Ay carumba.