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October 15, 2006

News From the Department of Poor Planning

Yesterday morning I was racing to get my steeks sewn up so I could bring them to work. I didn't get it done the night before because I fell asleep, fully clothed, only half-way on my bed at around 7 and woke up at midnight disoriented in a puddle of drool. Do I know how to rock out on a Friday night or what? Anyway, I was stitching up my steek. As I reached the yoke a funny thing happened. The steek veered off in one direction due to the decreases. I ran out of bobbin thread and couldn't finish sewing and ran off to work. While eating lunch I shot off a quick post to the Zimmermania blog about my yoke/steek issue. As soon as I sent it off I realized what I had done. The bottom of my sweater was borrowed from the Retro Prep pattern which, although steeked, does not have a designated set of steek stitches. The top is the Fair Isle Yoke Sweater from The Opinionated Knitter which is a pullover. What I should have done is add a steek from the very start and I'd have a clean path through my colorwork to stitch and cut.

But I didn't. My choice was to reknit the entire sweater (except part of the sleeves which I could reuse) or to barrel through and fudge the steek. Guess which route I took?

I figure this is a sweater, not the space shuttle. No one will die if I cut corners.

Then I went to finish the hem of my son's sweater so I could steek that too. Vanessa pointed out in the comments that one needs to remember to knit the chart upside down when knitting the hem. Amazingly, despite my fatigue on Thursday, I did remember to do that. What I didn't remember to do was center the pattern on the steek. So I had to rip that all out and reknit it. It's done now and ready to stitch. I'll start my cardigan button bands tonight after work. I'll try not to do anything too stupid.

No time for links today! Got to get to work!