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November 19, 2006

Gray Sunday Morning

I was waiting for the sun to come out so I could get some decent photos of my recent projects but according to the weather forecast I shouldn't expect to see the sun until sometime mid-2008. So here are the dark photos with flash.

This is my first project from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. I've had the book for over a year. I've been in the knitalong this whole time. This is the first sock I've started. It's really Nancy's own fault. I've been so distracted by all her other socks. The yarn is some Fortissima (actual yarn called for in the pattern) that I got at OFFF and overdyed. This is my purse knitting. I broke my one pair of socks at a time rule because my Traveler's Stockings, which I can not get a reasonable photo of but are about half-way down the leg, are not good for going in the purse. I'm knitting them two at a time. Two socks and two skeins of yarn is a bit much to keep on me at all times.

This is the romney/coopworth/angora blend I got at OFFF. I have 450 yards of bulky, squishy, soft gorgeous yarn. Sadly I wanted worsted weight. Some day I'll actually spin the thickness of yarn I really want. Other than lace or sock weight I seem to always make everything a little too thick. I try for DK and get worsted. I try for worsted and get bulky. I don't have any plans right now for this yarn. If anyone has any great ideas let me know.

I whipped up my Meathead for Larissa's project last night. I wanted to use this yarn the minute she announced the project. It's a bulky yarn I spun at the NWRSA conference. The roving is Brown Sheep potluck. I was really drawn to the color. The buttons are from my great-aunt's button box which I inherited years ago. There not actually sewn on yet.

I did not even pick up Frost Flowers yesterday. I brought it with me to babysit for some friends but I forgot that 14 month old babies don't give you the chance to pull out your knitting let alone work on a lace shawl.

Happy Sunday everyone!