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December 9, 2006

Slow Down

Sorry everyone. I had hoped to show you the completed hat today but I only had a few minutes to knit yesterday (lots of holiday errands and a party to attend). Part of my day included the soul-crushing search for a suitable outfit for the party. I cleverly decided to start thinking about what to wear about five hours before the party started. This season's styles don't seem to favor the busty girls. Not like they ever do but this season the cleavage on all the dresses is cut down to your pupik. After finding nothing I went home and literally emptied out my entire closet. I sorted all my clothes by size and started boxing up stuff that doesn't currently fit. I finally settled on an okay outfit accessorized by my Birch shawl. At the party one of Wes's co-workers, who is a new knitter, upon being told that I had knit my shawl pulled it off of me and stood, looking at it alternately murmuring "oh wow" and "holy shit." Then she gave it back and said, "I've got a lot to learn."

I have another inch of hem to knit on the hat, need to tack down the hem and need to block. Then photos!