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December 13, 2006

Star Wars Hat Pattern

The pattern is cobbled together from a few sources. I can't give you the pattern but I can tell you what I did.

I started with the We Call Them Pirates (.pdf) hat pattern as my outline. I got out some graph paper and filled the outline in with these motifs. I had to shave a little and ended up losing the dividing lines between the sections. I would do it differently next time. I think I might choose to knit the hat on 1s instead of 2s and make each section a little larger. The dividing lines really add something to the hat and also make the top decreases look spiffy.

So that's it.

Oh, Dale of Norway Falk in Natural and Black on US1s and 2s with Dale of Norway Stork in Natural for the inside hem.

There is also another Star Warsy hat pattern that's floating around now too. This one is all R2-D2s and is knit with more colors than just the black and white.

I'd love to see some other patterns put together with these motifs. What else can you come up with?