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December 21, 2006

Ways In Which I Am Weird

Rebecca tagged me for the weird meme. I'm not usually a memer but what the heck.

1) When I was a kid I loved to eat raw pasta. I still nibble on a few uncooked pieces while I wait for the spaghetti water to boil. I do not however still eat dog biscuits like I did when I was little.

2) I smell my children. It must be some kind of atavistic thing but when they are near me I give 'em a big sniff. I love the way they smell--sweet and warm and mine.

3) I am a very good parallel parker (this is not the weird part). When I was pregnant I completely lost the ability to parallel park. This happened with both pregnancies. I recovered immediately after having my kids.

4) I have to watch a tv series from the very beginning. If I hear about a good show three episodes into the season I can't watch it.

5) I routinely check to see if Wes, the kids and the pets are breathing while they sleep. I have been known to wake them if I don't see enough evidence of respiration.

6) I'm scared to go in the basement or attic after dark.