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December 14, 2006

Windstorm 2006

What a kooky weather day we've had. The rain started pounding down this afternoon. Looking out the front windows of the shop was like being in a car wash. The thudding sound of driving rain and a sheet of water.

When I got home tonight the lights on the north side of 45th street were all out. The traffic lights were all out. When I got to Wallingford Center I had a pretty good idea why. There is a massive tree tipped over and resting on the wires. It must have happened pretty shortly before I got there because there was just one cop car and traffic hadn't been rerouted. People were just driving under the scary tipped over tree on wires. WTF? Traffic has now been directed up our street and there are lot of sirens on and off. And it's supposed to get worst later.