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January 3, 2007

Regaining Strength

I must be feeling better. After being forced to leave the house for a dentist appointment I found I had the energy to yell at other drivers. That's a good sign. And I ate lunch without needing to have a lie down. Also good. I bought some exercise pants. And had the strength to argue with the apathetic sales girl that I should get 25% off because everything in the athletic department was labeled 25% off. Then I was feeling downright frisky so I went bag hunting. I've been looking for a decent replacement purse for about two years now. I'm using a cheapo Liz Claiborne that's a knock-off of an old Coach design. ($19.99 at TJ Maxx). I used to work for Coach and have a closet filled with beautiful, classic handbags. But let me tell you. Classic is not in style. No sir. The only bags to be found these days are covered in eight pounds of braids, gold chains, tassels, buckles, studs, gee gaws and fringe. Dear God. It's an abomination. In Macy's while looking over a rack of ugly bags, one beautiful little bag caught my eye from the back of the bottom shelf. It was a Kate Spade accidentally placed on the wrong shelf. Sigh. Then I spotted another beauty. Another Kate Spade. Is she the only designer making simple, elegant looking bags? And frankly even some of hers have gone way over the top. I'm in no position to spend $400-500 on a purse right now so the hunt will continue. Even at Nordstrom when I looked at every single bag regardless of price I couldn't find anything I'd want to take home. The closest I've found so far was a tote from Coach from last season. But they've just "updated" it so now it's covered in crap. Wes and I watched Rear Window the other night (he'd never seen it!) and when Grace Kelly pulled out her Mark Cross overnight bag I heaved a little sigh.