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January 12, 2007

Why Won't These Children Leave?

Due to the (very) icy conditions combined with lots of hills the Seattle Schools are opening two hours late today. I was already feeling like the kids haven't had seven full days of school since October but this is getting ridiculous.

The roads were pretty icy yesterday. On my way to work the car in front of me stopped short and I pushed my brakes. Nothing happened. I was sliding ever so slowly still forward. I pushed harder and the anti-lock brakes engaged. I slowly came to a stop. Fortunately I had left a lot of space between me and the other car. The way home from work at 8 pm was much icier. Everything that melted during the day froze up solid. And for Seattle we had some seriously cold temperatures. It's still only 21°.

Thanks for all the delurking comments, broken needle sympathy and snow stories. I love to hear from you all.

I got an Addi to replace my broken Denise. I've been working on a secret project. It makes keeping the knitting content up a little rough. My Spey Valleys are nearly at the heel flap. Maybe when I get dressed I'll take them out into the *gasp* sunshine and snap some pictures.