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February 14, 2007

Off the Back Burner

I don't have many hard and fast rules about knitting. But one that I try to maintain is only one pair of socks on the needles at a time. I don't know why but the thought of multiple pairs going on at the same time would make me panic. I stuck to this rule with no problems until last summer. I cast on the Estonian Socks from Folk Socks in May 2006. I worked on them on and off for a few months. Mostly off. They sat. Eventually I shoved them aside and moved on to other socks. This month the Folk Socks Knitalong is working on knitting a pair of socks already selected for the knitalong that you skipped. So yesterday I sucked it up and went back to my Estonian socks.

I think I know why I lost all interest in them. Knitting the travelling stitches on the heel flap when you have to travel stitches on the right and wrong side of the fabric made my head hurt. And my knitting looks pretty shitty. As my son would say, whatever. I'm moving forward. I'm hoping the second sock will be a lot prettier than the first. Maybe I'll finish them in under a year.

This weekend's cleaning/organizing binge has been having ripple effects. I reorganized my stash. Then last night I redid my stash blog and have everything categorized and even listed in which container I can find my yarn. Now if I could only figure out this whole "widget" thing in the new Blogger. Pawing through all my yarn got me fired up to start some new projects. Retro Prep the Third is sitting on the sidelines waiting until my class on Saturday to be joined together. I needed a new sweater project.

I hope to turn these

into one of these. The yarn is Rowan Kid Classic. I started buying oddballs several years ago when I'd come across them in sale bins. I planned on some sort of striped sweater but I didn't know what. When Yarnplay came out I saw Poppy and loved it. It took me a while to realize out that my stash and my new crush were compatible.