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April 9, 2007

How'd You Do?

"I see you've met my faithful handyman."

I skipped out early on Purlygirls tonight to attend Cineoke with Wes. I got to fulfill a lifelong dream of singing "Sweet Transvestite" in front of an audience. Wes and I also got to perform a duet of "Gaston" from Beauty and the Beast (I was Le Fou). It's fun but it only runs for two hours. Also there were way, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many numbers performed from Rent and a bootleg of Wicked, which I have never read, seen or heard so was really lost on me.

I have finally made it to the heel flap of the Estonian sock. It does not match the first sock at all and I could not give two shits. I want the little bastard done. Done!

I will try to get a modeled shot of Poppy. As I explained to one reader on Sunday, I was not "camera-ready" when it came time to post a picture. It also involves having Wes and I in the same place at the same time that the sun comes out. This is Seattle after all.