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April 8, 2007


Pattern: Poppy from Yarnplay
Yarn: Rowan Kid Classic oddballs
Needles: US8 Addi Turbos and Brittany birch double points
Notes: I used the random stripe generator to help with the yoke and sleeve patterning. I choose to make the sleeves matching. I knit the sleeves several inches shorter than the in the pattern. Mine are about 19" from the cuff to the armhole decreases. I also made the sleeves less bell-shaped. The original pattern has you cast on a large number of stitches then decrease down. I started with the smaller number of stitches and knit straight until the sleeve increases started. It still gives a slightly bell-shaped appearance without the bulk and potential of dragging my sleeves through everything I eat or drink. I also knit the garter edges of the cuff flat instead of in the round then joined for the stockinette portion. I was going to sew up the seam but decided to leave the slit in the cuff. I like the way it looks so long as it doesn't start to curl. I'm concerned that the neckline and bottom edge will still curl madly even with the crocheted edging. I may have to add a second row of single crochet along those edges.

Poppy is a really quick knit. I highly recommend it for a stylish, simple to knit sweater.