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May 29, 2007

Impressing Myself

I can't believe I've not only cut all the triangles for the hexagon quilt but I've completed 67 blocks! As Amanda pointed out it's a lot of sewing and pressing. The hexagon "blocks" are actually two halves of a hexagon. You piece the final quilt in half-hexagon strips. There are still over 30 hexagons to put together. I've been chain-piecing the hexagons. First I stitch two triangles then another two from the same hexagon. I place the stitched together triangles on my ironing board with the two still loose pieces. I do this for a giant stack of triangles. Then I press open the two partial hexagons and place the remaining triangles in the right position to stitch. I do this for all the pieces. Then I chain-piece the last triangles and end up with a huge garland of half-hexagons. I press them out and pin the two halves together. It goes pretty fast. Fast being a relative term here. It definitely goes way faster than the first one that I stitched then hopped up and pressed then stitched then hopped up then stitched, etc. That one took forever. On the plus side it was practically an aerobic activity.

Then I put them up on my "design wall."

This is just my first pass. I divided them up into color stacks then just thwacked them up on the wall. I've already found that if you start to move one hexagon it sparks a chain reaction and I start to want to rearrange the whole thing. There are definitely a few blocks that simply don't fit in right now. I'm really anxious to finish the rest of the blocks and see if they help smooth out the transitions or take the whole thing in another direction.

Cheryl asked, "Will you quilt it yourself or hire it out to do?" To which I say, I can't believe I got this much done. I haven't even thought about what happens next!