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May 17, 2007

It Did Get Better

Yesterday did not turn into a full-on disaster day. For clarification I'd like to point out that I did not think I was a terrible mother for not knowing all the various Pokemon crap my kids have. My child thought I was a terrible mother. And then I told him he could bite me then...nah, just kidding. There was lots of apologizing, hugging and a trip to Target to secure the right game.

Yesterday also got better when I went to the Seattle Knitters Guild. Our guest last night was Sally Melville. She was lovely, charming and funny. She gave a talk on "10 Things Knitters Don't Like to Hear." It was a list of all the infuriating things people say when you're knitting in public, why they're upsetting and what we, as knitters, would rather hear people say.

I've got a few inches done on my Sockapalooza sock. I was doing them two at a time on one circular (partly because I could only find my 40" US1 Addi). I ran into trouble when I had to knit two stitches together and there was a whole other sock between the two stitches! So one sock is "resting" right now. Hopefully I can get them back on the same needle to do the heel and foot so there's some hope that they'll be similar if not identical.

The yarn is creating a barber-pole effect, which normally I don't think I'd like but in this case the spiraling of the color matches up really nicely with the cascading pattern.

Side A

Side B