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May 9, 2007

Nancy Schmancy Fancy Pants

[Sorry the site was down for a while today. We were switching hosting services.]

Wes got me a gift certificate to Fancy for my birthday last month. Today we got together downtown for a de-li-cious lunch at Le Pichet. Wes had a pate plate with honeyed walnuts and stone-ground mustard. I had the eggs broiled with ham and gruyere. Then we shared a dessert called "Pets de Nonne." It deep-fried pastry dough with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. Oh man, good. I was worried that my French is really rusty because I knew the dessert was "Nun's [something]." I assumed it meant some kind of black and white thing. When I got home I ran it through a translator and found that it's "Nun's farts." They taste much better than you'd think.

I took the opportunity to visit the entire suite of shops--Nancy Schmancy Fancy Pants. Schmancy features unusual and handmade toys. Nancy carries stationery and original artwork. Fancy has unique jewelry and gift items. Fancy shares its space with Pants which has lingerie. My gift certificate was for Fancy. I was looking for earrings but left with a totally cool ring with a compass built into it.

[I tried to upload a photo but my camera and computer are having some kind of spat right now. I'll add it when they kiss and make up.]