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June 15, 2007

Trying to Breathe

I'm having a bit of a rough week. I've had a death in the family which has made lots of other little things, that normally would be merely irritating, seem like hugely horrible things. Little things like school ending--I like the children going away for six hours a day for free--, Wes going on a business trip, blackberries overtaking the house, dirty dishes. I'm this close to losing it.

Ravelry seems to be sending out more and more invitations each day. If you're still waiting, just hang in there. Among the truly cool things on the site is a new feature that allows you to search your needle inventory for a particular size via text message (sorry, this link will only work for current Ravelry users).

Let's see, what else?
The Good German was a huge disappointment. I knew the reviews had been luke-warm but since I'm one of about 32 people in the world who really loved Bubble I thought it might work for me. The most--or only--interesting thing about the film is how it was made. The film looks great. The score is great. But how is it possible to make George Clooney seems dull and unappealing. That is a trick. Maybe I need to go see Ocean's Thirteen this weekend. That should cheer me up.