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July 12, 2007

Thursdays are for What the Hell is This?

This week we have two picks from the reader mailbag.

While I appreciate the whimsy of the concept of the sweater still being knit as the model walks down the runway, I am too repulsed by the dismembered corpse hands resting on her shoulders to enjoy it. Bonus points for Batman sidekick-like mask.
(Once again I have lost the name of the nice person who sent this to me.)

(Sent in my Erin. Look! I remembered this one!)

My first thought was, "Leggings with flip-flops? What the hell? Either it's so cold you need to cover your leg--in which case you also need to cover your feet--or it's so hot you need flip-flops and it's too warm to wear leggings."

But of course the larger problem is that these massive leggings look exactly like this guy's lower body.

If I ever looked down and saw what appeared to be all the flesh from my torso dripping down my legs like this I would high-tail it to the dermatologist. Stat.