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September 25, 2007

ISO My Mojo

I thought when I started my finishing frenzy that it would leave me all fired up to start a zillion new and wonderful projects. Well, I've finished four long-languishing projects in the last few weeks and I'm not fired up. I'm downright unfired.
Current WIPs
  • Sock Yarn Blanket. Thank goodness for this project. It's simple and engaging and never-ending. I pick it up when I don't know what else to do. I knit on it all weekend in Portland and it was perfect for knitting in the car. I am down to one small baggie of sock yarn scraps. Then I guess I'll set it aside until I have some new leftovers.
  • Frost Flowers and Leaves. I am so ashamed. I thought I would finish this last December. I really did. I haven't touched it since I knit a few rounds of it at camp.
  • Ripple Afghan. I started this a while ago after Rebecca gave away the yarn at Purlygirls. I plan on donating it. The yarn is kind of musty/dusty so I don't like taking it around with me. It's already wound so I don't feel like reskeining and washing it.
  • Gypsy Shawl. Evelyn Clark's newest Fiber Trends pattern. I'm knitting this one for the shop out of Cashsoft 4ply and only knit it at work. I'm up to the large chevron border on it.

There are a few other odds and ends that have been hibernating for a long time. I thought about what to work on next all night last night. I thought about it all day today. I finally decided now was the time to knit Am Kamin. I pulled out the swatch cap I started ages ago and ripped it back to the top of the ribbing. I took it with me while my son got his hair cut and worked on it a bit. It's slow and I still don't feel confident about how I interpret twisted stitch charts. Other sweaters waiting in the wings are Bpt in Naturwolle, Katharine Hepburn Cardigan in Gems Opal and the Giant Latvian Mitten Cardigan in Satakieli. I have excuses for not starting all of these. I'm thinking of knitting Bpt for NaKniSweMo which is in November. I don't want to make the KHC until I lose a little weight*. I'm scared of the GLMC and I still haven't made copies of the charts.

And what about socks? There are no socks in progress right now. I'm feeling a little Nancy Bush-ed out. I've knit nothing but her sock patterns from her three sock books for the last few years. Years. I still want to knit the rest of her patterns but I need a break. Then when I look at other patterns I feel guilty, like I'm cheating. How nuts is that? It's a pair of socks. Why I am all angsty about it? I think I should just dip my hand into the giant bin o' sock yarn, pull something out and find a pattern to knit with it. Maybe I'll go do that now.

*I've started running again and am in my third week of the Couch to 5k program.