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September 23, 2007

OFFF '07

Another year, another great show.

There were lots of unusual animals this year.

5 and 8 month old camels.

Himalayan Yak heifer.

St. Croix Hair Sheep lambs. The breed is new to me. The lambs were just two weeks old.

There was a mole busy digging burrows on the fairgrounds. He was not at all deterred by all the foot traffic. Every time I walked by I'd see him tossing out more dirt. He'd poke out his head then get back to work.

The most unusual thing about this year's show? I didn't buy anything. You heard me. Nothing. NOT ONE SINGLE THING. So, ha! In your face!
Unless you count kettle corn.

I did spend several hours under the shade of a big tree spinning.