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September 4, 2007

Pottering Around

What started this morning as a passing interest in trying out a new quilt block ended with me near tears tonight. But I ended up with four new quilt blocks instead of just one.

It began with the wand.

Then the lightning.

Then Voldemort.

And finally a dementor.

These blocks have about eighty billion itty-bitty pieces. They're maddening. And yet so much fun. One trick I figured out after sewing and ripping multiple times (the rest of you probably already know this). When sewing two parts of the blocks together instead of lining up the edges or the corners I stuck a pin straight through the cross-section of the seam allowance in the corner to be seamed and went through the same cross-section of the second piece. I did this in both corners and it got my seams lined up really well.