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September 12, 2007

Somebody Say Hallelujah, We're Having a Revival!

The long lost felted bag is felted and nearly dry. It still has lots of sewing of straps and bits to do. So only 3+ years to wrap that one up. But it got me thinking about what else was way back there deep in the closet. I reached in and grabbed something. The shrug I knit for my appearance on the Knitty Gritty three years ago. I was stunned to see that not only was it completely knit but also seamed with the ends woven in. All that was needed was to sew on the collar. I even had a length of yarn cut and ready for the sewing!

Done. Still horrendously ugly. But done. Now to find someone who would want it. I'm thinking maybe I know some girls who might like it for dress up.

So what else is back there? Oh, Spider Monkey! You need hands and feet.

Behold the monkey's paw. Some kind soul on Ravelry sent me a message with her solution to all the monkey fingers. Don't knit them! Instead knit a big paw and stitch on finger lines. I knocked out four paws today. Monkey now needs to be assembled (I already stitched up all the long seams) and get a face.

If I'm working on the Spider Monkey than what about the Platypus? No point waiting for my son to knit it. He (Platypus, not son) has all his feet now and I'm working on his bill.

Damn, it feels good to get this stuff out of here. Can I get an amen?