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October 24, 2007

Don't Make Me Go All the Way Down to the Car

There's something I haven't been telling you. I am taking a sewing class. It was supposed to be a two week class on Amy Butler's Weekender Bag. (My nearly-complete bag is down in the car and I just don't feel like going down there to get it and photograph it for you. Sorry.) But much like Gilligan's three hour tour, my class has lasted much longer. We had our third class last night because no one has finished her bag. In fact we spent the entire first three hour class just cutting out the pattern. We will be meeting for a fourth class next week. Unless something really gruesome happens I will have a finished bag by then. Which is good because if I can finish the bag without crying or cursing too much I want to make this new Amy Butler pattern. Because it's omygodawesome!

For those of you who feel the Amy love but don't dig sewing she has a new line of bags coming out. I've ordered several for the shop. I can't wait for them to come in.

In other news I made it to the gym today with my gym bag and there was hot water. Yay me. On the down side I lost a lot of ground in my running training by slacking off for nearly two weeks. But I always tell myself, "I'm here making an effort and that's all anyone can ask of me." So there.

In other, other news, I have only knit about two inches on my second SLL sock. The reason the first went so fast is not because I am a fast knitter. I'm really not. It was due to the short size (only 4" from cuff to the start of the heel flap) and the big gauge (Elann Esprit on US2s). Presto, zippy socks!