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October 2, 2007

My Secret Shame

I don't like football. I actively dislike football. But everyone kept saying, "Friday Night Lights isn't really about football." "Sure," I thought. But I decided to be a sport about it and try it out. I got the first DVD from Netflix. After the first episode I still wasn't entirely sold. By the end of the third episode I was completely sucked in.

And now I have to admit to the world that I love Matt Saracen. Thankfully the actor who plays him is 25 which makes this still kind of icky but at least legal in all countries. I love the way everyone on the show always call him by his full name, MattSaracen. And mostly I think I love that he is what I always wanted the football players I dated in high school to be, rugged and cool but incredibly kind and sweet. In reality they were more like self-involved and badly groomed.