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October 28, 2007

New Knitter

Today I had Sasha and Erin over for a little Spinning 101. Erin is borrowing one of my wheels so I spent some time plying odds and ends off of bobbins to free them up for her. I made a cute, though odd, skein (which I forgot to photograph) of all the spinning from my Three Wild Downs class and my Color in Plying class from Madrona this year. So now I have very colorful, very soft and completely erradically spun yarn. I also used up a lot of dribs and drabs of things just laying around. I've searched high and low and am still missing a bag full of storage bobbins with who-knows-what on them.

While Sasha was over she gave me a quick introduction to the knitting machine. This is going to take some time to learn. Here's my first attempt.

I had some *cough* problems on the edges.

My second attempt had much better edges.

The center left a little to be desired.

I currently understand nothing about this process. I'm hoping to get good enough to simply make blanks to dye a la Nancy Roberts. My fantasy idea is to make Kauni-like sweater. Who knows what my reality might be.