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October 7, 2007

Random Rambling

I have lots of photos to share but no time to deal with it all tonight (and most likely not tomorrow) but some time soon. So for now I'll give you that classic blog crutch, a list of random stuff.

1) I got to watch Friday Night Lights online last night. Yay.
2) I could not watch 30 Rock (kept freezing). Boo.
3) I finished my miniature Icelandic shawl from my Friday class. Yay.
4) The class itself was disappointing, too long and boring. Boo.
5) I finished my Broken Cable Rib socks on Friday. Yay.
6) I got to meet an internet friend at the conference and have dinner with her tonight. Yay.
7) I got to show Myrna Stahman the completed shawl that I started in her class last June. Yay.
8) I took Susanna Hansson's Roveniemi (Roveniemi webcam. How awesome is the internet?) Mitten class today. It was very interesting and while the technique is slow and cumbersome the results are very intriguing.
9) I took Annemor Sundbo's class yesterday and got to play around with Norwegian designs (many pictures on this one tomorrow).
10) She'll be speaking at the Knitters Guild this Wednesday night. Meetings are free and open to the public so do come!
11) I drank more regular coffee in the last three days than in the last three years. Those Nordic ladies really take their coffee seriously.
12) I now feel a deep need to visit the Faroe Islands (have you checked out their coat of arms?), Iceland and Lapland.
13) My older son keeps referring to Lapland as "Yakland." We cannot seem to straighten him out.