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October 21, 2007

Week In Review, Ladies

On Wednesday night a whole whack of Purlygirls went downtown to see Crazy Aunt Purl at Barnes and Noble. We started the night with drinks and nibbles at Dragonfish's happy hour. When we arrived at the bookstore there were about 20 chairs set out with knitters sitting in all of them. As we stood aghast and incredulous at the poor planning on the part of B & N some employees were dragging the only other available seating in the store our way--the wee, foot-high benches from the children's section. We hunkered down as more and more knitters poured into the store. They apparently ran out of books at this event. A bookstore invited an author to come speak and they didn't have enough books. It's just like every bad story about bookstores that Stephanie tells. They really don't believe in the power of the knitting community.

Here's me blogging Rebecca blogging me.

By the time Laurie came out there were as many people standing as there were sitting. Laurie was lovely, of course. She was funny, sweet, twangy and such a good sport answering all sorts of personal questions.

Here's Laurie looking all camera-ready while I look significantly less so.

After the event there was more eating. This time at Steelhead Diner. I got the most incredible dessert. Black Velvet Cake. Covered in almonds and toasted coconut served with coconut ice cream. Oh. My. God. Yum.

After the Pomatomus socks were finished on Friday I started a new project.

Tailored Scallops from Lace Style in Cormo/silk handspun and dyed by me. This was my Tour de Fleece '06 spinning which I dyed recently then overdyed. I'm still not entirely happy with the color. This photo looks exactly how I intended the yarn to look. Sadly in real life it's lighter in color and more orangey. I can't remember the last time I knit a sweater on size 10 needles. So fast!

I knit while watching the first few episodes of Life. I live in the DVR dark ages. I can only record one show per time slot. I started watching Dirty Sexy Money (not loving it). I thought Life was going to be super heart-felt, life-affirming and dull. It's not and I really like it. In fact other than Pushing Daisies I think it's the only decent new show I've seen this season. As an added bonus there are ads for Papa John's throughout that are so craptastic it's nearly worth watching just for the painfully bad acting and horrendous script. I also caught the Season 2 premiere of Dexter which is available in the Watch Instantly section of Netflix. Score!

Today I went to Bainbridge with friends (Molly, her baby, Sasha and Sarah). I needed a new sock to take with me.

Simply Lovely Lace Socks in Elann Esprit.

We met for brunch at Lola--more yum--then caught the ferry to Bainbridge. I say this every single time I go but man, I just love taking a little jaunt over there. It's so relaxing. There's yarn, fabric and a really good bakery all within a block. I got a pumpkin cupcake that was so darned cute I made everyone admire it and photographed it before devouring it like a rabid beast.

It's difficult to see in the photo but that's one of those candy corn type pumpkins on top. They piped a little leaf right on top of it that was just so darling.

Wes and I played tag team. As soon as I got home he ran out for a benefit dinner. I spent the evening (screen-free) with the boys. I knit on my sock, I started to quilt the spider quilt I pieced a while back. I managed to break another needle. What is up with that? I guess I'm just not moving the whole quilt around fast enough and the needle is getting pulled so that it misses the hole in the plate?? That killed my confidence on that one for the evening.

The boys and I played Apples to Apples Kids for hours. It's kind of lame with only three people but those two just laughed themselves sick. A word of advice: When playing Apples to Apples with boys you will always, always win if you get the "dirty diapers" card. Doesn't matter what category. It is a lock. While playing the category "cold" came up. My older son said, "You can win this category is you have Ladies" a la Demetri Martin. I don't know where he comes up with this stuff.