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February 19, 2008

Madrona Recap from the Road

Wednesday: Headed down in the morning and spent most of the day helping my boss set up her booth. Met up with friends from one of my lists for dinner.
Thursday: All day class with Judith MacKenzie-McCuin and Nancy Bush on handcoverings. We started on knitting gloves in Elemental Affects Shetland, then we worked on spinning a yarn to match in Shetland from the same flock. In the afternoon we started to work on spinning bison.
Friday: Class continued. We spun bison then knit mitts with Buffalo Gals Bison/Merino. More knitting. More Bison spinning. Keynote talk by Lucy Neatby. I wish I had gotten to take a class from her.
Saturday: NO morning class so I got to finish spinning and plying my bison. It came out very nicely. I was very proud. Afternoon class with Judith on making a cabled yarn. Cabled yarns are made by plying plied yarns together. They are very strong and durable but also are very round and make great knitting yarns. Banquet with talk by Judith about bison. Very interesting and I love anything with Judith.
Sunday: All day class on color in Fair Isle with Janine Bajus. Very fun and interesting class but just barely scratches the surface of working with color.

Photos and more when I get home.