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February 11, 2008

Screen-Full Sunday

A few weeks ago at Purlygirls I was shocked, shocked, to discover that most people there had never heard of Rosalind Russell.

"Auntie Mame?"

Blank stares.

"She starred with Cary Grant in His Girl Friday."

Blank stares.

So tonight I had movie night. I invited over a group of knitters. Wes set up a projection screen and we watched His Girl Friday. I had to run out in the middle of it to take Wes to the emergency room. He got jabbed very hard in the eye by our younger son this afternoon in a coat-putting-on accident. It turns out he got a corneal abrasion. He has to wear an eye patch overnight. Arggh, mateys! He should be better tomorrow.

Anyway, the film was viewed and I don't know if anyone enjoyed it as much as I did (and always do) but I felt I did my part to spread the word on great classic films.

I also finished stitching down the binding on my coins quilt and threw it in the wash. It's drying right now.

I've been knitting steadily on my Tangled Yoke. I have the body and one sleeve done. I haven't been blogging it because stockinette in charcoal yarn makes for terrible photos and dull blogging.