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April 27, 2008

Digging Out

I've been dealing with a problem that has me so ashamed I didn't want to blog about it. I have moths. I would see one occasionally flutter by. I tried to ignore it. It was/is too overwhelming to think about rounding up all the wool/yarn/sweaters/hats, etc. in the house to wash and inspect them. I was working in batches and never finding any moth damage or evidence. Finally I found, way in the back of my sock drawer, a cocoon and a single sock with a hole in it. I cleaned it all out. But then, flutter, flutter again.

Since getting the puppy I have kept my office completely shut. I don't go in there. It is dark, warm and full of wool. I finally pulled everything out into my dining room.

I cleaned up a lot of junk, threw out a lot of stuff and found a lot of moth evidence. I found cocoons and evidence of moth munching in several places. Remarkably I haven't found any real yarn or fiber with any damage yet. The biggest areas of "activity" were in warm, dark corners of the office where a small--tiny!--bit of wool was hidden under something else. I think and hope that moths are generally lazy. Why try to get into a Rubbermaid bin full of yarn when there is a warm, undisturbed meal way behind the desk in a corner that no one has cleaned out in three years? I have started rearranging and putting things away. I am also still seeing moths flutter by at night. The next stop is my closet. Wes pulled on a sweater today (granted a really, really old sweater that probably already had holes in it) and it was riddled with moth holes. I'm sad and scared about what I'm going to find destroyed in my closet.