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April 8, 2008

Not Hibernating

I have been on the run since I got back to Seattle. Yesterday was a full day of work and Purlygirls. Today was a short day of work (but I it started early) and now I'm off to a sewing machine class.

After completing my four March to the Finish projects I was left feeling a bit aimless. I really wanted to start something new but all those hibernating projects on Ravelry were making me feel guilty. I have started working again on my sock yarn blanket (I keep it in the car for when I need an easy knit), my Cormo handspun sweater and my ripple afghan. Yes, even a little crochet. It isn't very exciting or sexy to work on these projects but it feels good to get some of these older projects done. I also ripped out my argyle double-knit scarf I was working on for the shop. I knit about 5 inches in 8 months. It was not meant to be. Another project off the hibernating list.